A-hunting we will go!

Check out this latest design for a spread from InventureBooks’ newest adventure!


What sorts of action will the hero get into?  I’m not sure.. it’s not drawn yet!


—Goro “Stomp Lightly But Carry a Big Stick” Saurus

Shin Godzilla is NOT a sequel!

Wow, check this out!


SciFiJapan.com has the scoop – Godzilla Resurgence (Shin Godzilla) is not only an original story, it contains the largest Godzilla the fictional world has ever seen!

GODZILLA RESURGENCE: Exclusive High-Res Photos from Toho




Here’s an increasingly cartoonish interpretation of a cool little prehistoric reptile.  He’s going to serve as the side-kick for a dinosaur-themed children’s book that I’m working on.

I still have a ways to go, but it’s on the right track.




-Goro “what’s short for longisquama?” Saurus

Royal Flush

Today I was asked to make a demonstration of animation principles using a flipbook.  Naturally, I made a ball bouncing across some post-it notes.

Then I went ahead and made a toilet.

output_izkhqh (1)


-Goro “flushed from the bathroom of your heart” Saurus

Shin Godzilla’s Crazy Tail

OK OK, I know that I usually post drawings and such here, but I can’t resist this latest still from the SHIN GODZILLA trailer.


Keep in mind, in the original teaser posters for Godzilla Resurgence there was an odd trilobite between the G-ster’s toes.  Odd, right?

Well, if this is truly his tail wagging around, there sure seems to be the skeleton of another creature embedded in that.  Without jumping to too many conclusions based on what little we know, I’m left to believe that a particular fossil field has come to life.


Expect Godzilla’s nemesis to be that turtle skeleton from Infant Island.

-Goro “the Prognosticator” Saurus