Introductions first!

2016-01-18 16.28.19Hello!

My name is Jason, and I’ve been annoyingly puntastic for a very long time.

I was one of those unique kids that just couldn’t stop making art.  Someone must’ve complimented me at a very young age, thus unleashing a time-eating life-guiding monster.  Among my earliest memories is sitting in front of the TV, pausing the VHS tape, and drawing what I saw onscreen; 9 times out of 10 (actually, true numbers would be higher) it was The Land Before Time by Don Bluth.  Of course, that TV also had a knack for automatically unpausing after 15 minutes, which always led to a terrifying jolt.

Growing up, I showed an interest in all things animated.  A favorite past-time of mine was making stop-motion videos starring dinosaurs, Godzilla toys, fireworks, and a whole lot of fishing line (to make things fly!).  I have since focused on largely not-moving imagery, despite my love for the format.


Onion-skinning is a traditional method for animating 2D drawings.  It looks a little bit like this!

I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to put some of those skills to use for others to enjoy!



-Goro “the human” Saurus

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