Duty. Honor. Earth.

Many years ago I had the idea for a comic book that would tell the story of a future where humans had begun to colonize space.

Space colonies served largely as mining operations.  Colonies began as a support for Earth, but colonies inevitably began to take on distinct characteristics and, thus, new political entities.

The further you get from Earth, with a little added time thrown into the mix,  history starts to become legend.  While the colonization of space would be more of a global effort, the USA had a significant impact on the formation of this new political entity (Dubbed UEA, United Earth Alliance).  200 years later, pieces of ‘Americana’ had become ingrained with popular culture.  The histories of post-Columbian Earth had drifted into myth, and no one was really sure which parts were real and which were fiction.  One thing was for sure:  these mythical heroes, blending historical fact with outlandish fantasy, grew more popular with every year.  The American Presidents were the superheroes of the colonies, and new adventures were written about them every day.

Communication is the key to remembering history. The more difficult the communication, the more likely it is that history is lost or changed.

At a time of war, the idea is brought forward:  cloning these past heroes to raise morale and, of course, war bonds.  Although the technology to clone humans is complicated and expensive, a small amount of attempts appear successful before the program is destroyed.

Robots are not a friend to mankind. Not a friend at all.

Those few surviving heroes, reborn, are known as the Presitechs.

I would love to revisit this story!


-Goro “presidentially suite!” Saurus



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