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Shin Godzilla’s Crazy Tail

OK OK, I know that I usually post drawings and such here, but I can’t resist this latest still from the SHIN GODZILLA trailer.


Keep in mind, in the original teaser posters for Godzilla Resurgence there was an odd trilobite between the G-ster’s toes.  Odd, right?

Well, if this is truly his tail wagging around, there sure seems to be the skeleton of another creature embedded in that.  Without jumping to too many conclusions based on what little we know, I’m left to believe that a particular fossil field has come to life.


Expect Godzilla’s nemesis to be that turtle skeleton from Infant Island.

-Goro “the Prognosticator” Saurus

Introductions first!

2016-01-18 16.28.19Hello!

My name is Jason, and I’ve been annoyingly puntastic for a very long time.

I was one of those unique kids that just couldn’t stop making art.  Someone must’ve complimented me at a very young age, thus unleashing a time-eating life-guiding monster.  Among my earliest memories is sitting in front of the TV, pausing the VHS tape, and drawing what I saw onscreen; 9 times out of 10 (actually, true numbers would be higher) it was The Land Before Time by Don Bluth.  Of course, that TV also had a knack for automatically unpausing after 15 minutes, which always led to a terrifying jolt.

Growing up, I showed an interest in all things animated.  A favorite past-time of mine was making stop-motion videos starring dinosaurs, Godzilla toys, fireworks, and a whole lot of fishing line (to make things fly!).  I have since focused on largely not-moving imagery, despite my love for the format.


Onion-skinning is a traditional method for animating 2D drawings.  It looks a little bit like this!

I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to put some of those skills to use for others to enjoy!



-Goro “the human” Saurus